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From: Shawn Eichorn, Owner
Rochester Boot Camp For Women
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Rochester, MN

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Dear Friend,

You're probably wondering why we would make such a valuable program available to you for so little.

1. Actually, there are two reasons:We have developed a new, revolutionary 30-day fat eliminating program that is so powerful, we're eager to share it with the community.

2. This is a marketing test to determine demand for this type of program.  If it proves successful, as we're certain it will, then we plan to increase the price dramatically the next time we offer it.

Who The 30-Day Challenge Is For
Beginners: If you've never exercised before, or it's been some time and you're  de-conditioned, the 30-Day Challenge is perfect for you. Because NOTHING can get you positive results faster than this, and therefore motivate you to keep going.

The #1 reason people quit a fitness program is because they don't see results.  The 30-Day Challenge fixes that problem. 

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Who Is Shawn Eichorn And Why Should You Train With Him?
Intermediate to Advanced: Have you hit a plateau? Are you struggling to get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat on your abs, hips, or buns?  Are you losing motivation? Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level and beyond...quickly?  Are you ready to get leaner, stronger...and truly ripped?

Click The Button Below To Take the 30-Day
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Shawn's trained over 932 people in the past 15 years and he offers proven fitness strategies that will transform anyone's body and he GUARANTEES it! 

  • Voted "MN Best Trainer" by Fitness Expert Network
  • Trained over 932 people
  •  15+ years experience
  •  Author of "The Ultimate Fat Loss Program for Permanent Weight Reduction"
  • 100% money back guarantee on all programs and products
  • As seen on KTTC TV
  • Interviewed by Rochester Post Bulletin
It doesn't matter what your age or current fitness level is...this is perfect for you.  All that matters is that you register right now before all the spots are gone.

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Shawn Eichorn
Fitness Success Boot Camp For Women

P.S. Want to bring a friend (or two)? No problem, just tell them to register on this website today!  We'll give them the same special $30 deal.

P.P.S. Have questions? Then be sure to give us a call at 507.206.4126
What You Can Expect

Reserve your spot now (we will fill up quickly)
for just $30 bucks, with no further commitment and nothing else to buy. 
Your information will never be shared or sold.  We hate spam too.

Who We Are
Our new fat eliminating program is a group exercise program for Rochester women that provides instruction on fitness and nutrition, with generous heapings of motivation and fun!  Fitness Success Boot Camp is the only group exercise program that comes with a 100% money back guarantee!!  You can get more info on our boot camp program right now by clicking this link:
Fitness Success Boot Camp For Women
Session Times

Morning Sessions = M / W / F

5:30 am to 6:00 am
6:00 am to 6:30 am

Evening Sessions = M / W / Th

5:00 pm to 5:30 pm
5:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Lose more fat and inches faster than anything else you can do. Period.
  • Get fit and toned so you look great in your clothes, your bathing suit, and your birthday suit.
  • Get FAST body transforming results-with this level of accountability, combined with our fat-melting boot camp workouts, the results come quickly.
  • Discover simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (without dieting).
  • Cut exercise time in half- you'll be shocked by how effective the right kind of exercise really is!
  • Get and keep your ideal weight..... FOR LIFE- we empower you for a lifetime of fitness that makes you feel like a million bucks every single day.
  • Dramatically decrease stress- stress is a killer. It kills your enthusiasm, your energy, and harms your immune system.
  • Lost fat in those annoying trouble spots- love handles, jiggly thighs or arms, cellulite, and a belly you want to hide? Gone, gone, gone, and gone!
  • Have 3-4 times more energy (literally 300% to 400% increase in energy. Imagine how that makes you feel and perform.
  • Fire up your metabolism and burn fat 24 hrs a day.
"Want Results Like This?
Start With The 30-Day Challenge

"Cherie Lost 12 Pounds!"
"Julia Lost 6 1/2  Pounds!"
"I've Dropped 4 Pant Sizes!"
“Kathy Lost 6 1/2 Pounds!”
"Crystal Lost 8 Pounds!"
"Jessica Lost 7 1/2 Pounds!"
"I've tried working out on my own at health clubs.  I've tried every diet and I've even worked out with other fitness trainers.  I can honestly tell you this.  Boot Camp for Women is the only program I recommend if you want serious results. It's the only program that has worked for me!  I dropped 8% body fat and four pant sizes!!" 
Shelly Thompson - Rochester, MN
"I've Lost 30 Pounds At Age 61!"
"I've Lost 6" Off My Waist!"
I was going to be 61 years old this year and I realized that if I didn't do something about my fitness and weight now, it would only get worse. So I joined boot camp. I love my results (down 30 pounds). At age 60 I am in the best shape I have been in for 20+ years! I feel physically great, have more energy, and love the way I look. I absolutely love that each month I continue to improve on the fitness. I do not have to give in to the aging process!  If you are truly committed to doing this for yourself, Shawn and his boot camp is committed to help you.
Roxi Bains, 61 years of age - Rochester, MN
" I've lost 24 pounds and have lost a total of 28.75 inches! I have lost 11 inches off my hips and 6 inches off my waist alone.  I'm feeling the best I probably ever have about myself because I finally have some muscle tone and energy. Thanks so much!"

Shelly Schoeppner - Rochester, MN
For more information or questions please contact us at:

Fitness Success Boot Camps
4108 18th Ave. NW
Rochester, MN 55901